Everyone’s Got One

I tell them. You tell them. Your friends tell them. Your parents told them. Your teachers told them. Your priests, pastors and rabbis told them. Cities have them. Houses have them.  Even the walls IN the houses have them. Everyone you’ve ever met has one and, even more importantly, everyone you’ve NEVER met has, at least, one.  Your whole life has only one of these, and at the same time, is a collection of thousands. I’m writing mine, now, thinking of yours. I’m talking about stories…our stories.

My grandfather had one. Actually, he had countless stories and he told them over and over again to anyone who’d listen. Who know’s if they were true; no one cared. He told stories to entertain and telling the truth just wasn’t important to him.  The random (perhaps not) stranger I met, today, had one. He told his story to find redemption, and it broke my heart knowing, unlike most of my grandfather’s stories, his story was probably all too true. He spoke of peace, now that he’d decided to stop his cancer treatments and really live the life that remained. Damn it, I can NOT stop thinking about him.

Anyway, it seems to me for every story told, there are scores of others…well, that’s the question, I guess…how many stories of the people we meet every day, at work, and on the street, go…untold? For instance, what’s the story with that guy on Facebook, asking for prayer? The lady at the stop light, on your way to work, staring at you from inside her car as you stare at her from inside yours…what’s her story? In the past months, alone, the media has been inundated with hundreds of stories from people who felt bullets penetrate their flesh as they sought to help others find cover…thousands of stories from Dreamers, AMERICANS, terrified of being sent from their home, forever…and millions of stories from women and men who’ve been sexually harrassed…so grotesque, so unimaginable, so inconceivable…of such fear and humiliation, they could only be told with silent, unspeakable words…#metoo.

There’s one thing about stories that is absolute; everyone’s got one. And that, my friends, is pretty much it. That’s what this column’s about…my story, your story, our COLLECTIVE stories. We have them…they’re there, our COLLECTIVE stories…those stories that celebrate our differences, while, simultaneously, uniting us against all the things that would bring us down. No doubt, sharing our stories make us happier, stronger, and well, they MAKE US BETTER, as individuals and as people united by common goals. It’s going to be exhilarating at times and super uncomfortable at others…especially for me. But, truthfully, and with no reserve, I can’t wait to hear your stories. I can’t wait to TELL them. I can’t wait to know that months, years and decades down the road, when I put down my pen, the world is better, because I took it up…and told OUR stories. See you next time.

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Rock Star Artist Chef Brandon Green

VIP Magazine kicks off its Rock Start Artist Series with Chef Brandon Green of Heads and Tails Seafood & Oyster Bar.

VIP Magazine is very excited to begin our Rock Star Artist Series which will feature community artists displaying their talents in the fields of art, music, food, beverage, design, and more.  VIP loves the Arts so each month we hope to bring you some amazing people and businesses that are bringing their talents to our community.

VIP begins its series with Chef Brandon Green of Heads and Tails Seafood & Oyster Bar in Harahan, right outside of New Orleans.  If you haven’t heard of, much less ventured your way to Heads and Tails…believe us when we tell you that the small drive is definitely worth the trip and Chef Brandon will not disappoint.  Here is the article which is featured in the Aug/Sept 2017 Southern Decadence Issue of VIP Magazine.   To Subscribe to VIP Magazine Click Here

If you think you or would like to recommend someone for our Rock Star Artist series, please email us:  editor@myVIPmag.us



A Very Sordid Wedding in New Orleans

A Very Sordid Wedding

Sequel to Del Shores’ Hit Play, Movie & TV Series Sordid Lives Reunites

All-Star Cast of Iconic Characters Exploring Acceptance, Conflict and Bigotry in a Small Texas Town Following Supreme Court Marriage Equality Decision

Louisiana Premiere at Joy Theatre in New Orleans, Saturday, Sept. 2 at 2:00 p.m.,

Sordid Lives Creator Del Shores and Producer/Star Emerson Collins In-Person

A Very Sordid Wedding_key image_72dpi.jpg

Bonnie Bedelia, Leslie Jordan, Rue McClanahan (portrait), Dale Dickey and Ann Walker

in Del Shores’ A Very Sordid Wedding. Photo credit: Steven K. Johnson.

Award-winning writer/director Del Shores (“Blues For Willadean,” “Southern Baptist Sissies,” “Queer A Folk”) brings his latest film, A Very Sordid Wedding, the outrageously funny sequel to his play, movie and TV series Sordid Lives, to New Orleans for the Louisiana Premiere at Joy Theatre on Saturday, Sept. 2 (Doors open 1:00 p.m., screening at 2:00 p.m.). Sordid Lives creator Del Shores and producer/star Emerson Collins will be in-person to introduce the film and will be doing a post-screening Q&A. For tickets, visit http://bit.ly/2x447ju. For more information on A Very Sordid Wedding, visit https://www.averysordidwedding.com/.

The film brings back an all-star ensemble cast of characters, rooted in the Southern Baptist world of Winters, Texas, in the weeks following the U.S. Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage equality ruling where not everyone there is ready to accept it. Since the film’s World Premiere in March in Palm Springs, Calif., where it received the country’s highest per screen specialty box office average its opening weekend, A Very Sordid Wedding has expanded in limited release via The Film Collaborative enjoying an explosive audience response with sold-out premieres in 34 markets to date including Los Angeles, San Diego, Toronto, Dallas, Austin, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Kansas City, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Birmingham, Nashville, Lexington, Atlanta, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Provincetown and more. For further updates on the film’s release, visit http://www.averysordidwedding.com/.

The Huffington Post proclaims A Very Sordid Wedding as “much more than a wonderful movie, but a game-changer In LGBT politics,” Film Journal International raves, “If you liked the original, the overdue sequel to ‘Sordid Lives’ will both delight you and warm your ever-lovin’ heart” and The Hollywood Reporter says the film “offers some undeniably entertaining moments, and its talented ensemble, clearly encouraged to pull out all the stops, delivers their comic shtick with admirable gusto.”

The ensemble cast of 32 actors is led by Bonnie Bedelia (“Parenthood”), Caroline Rhea (“Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”), Dale Dickey (Independent Spirit Award winner “Winter’s Bone”), Leslie Jordan (Emmy winner “Will & Grace”) with cast members from the original Sordid Lives film Newell Alexander (“August: Osage County”), Rosemary Alexander, Kirk Geiger, Sarah Hunley, Lorna Scott (“Wanted”) and Ann Walker.  New additions to the Sordid Lives world include Emerson Collins (“The People’s Couch”), Levi Kreis (Tony winner “Million Dollar Quartet”), Carole Cook (“Sixteen Candles”), Alec Mapa (“Ugly Betty”), Aleks Paunovic (“Van Helsing”), Katherine Bailess (“Hit The Floor”) and a cameo from Whoopi Goldberg.

Sordid Lives, Del Shores’ fourth play, opened in Los Angeles in 1996, and ran for 13 sold-out months. It received 13 “Critic’s Choice” honors and 14 Drama-Logue Theatre Awards. In 1999, Shores wrote and directed the film adaption of Sordid Lives starring Beau Bridges, Delta Burke, Olivia Newton-John, Bonnie Bedelia, Leslie Jordan and Beth Grant, along with most of the cast from the play. The movie became a cult phenomenon taking in nearly $2 million in its eight-theatre limited release. The movie won six Best Feature and 13 Audience Awards at film festivals. In 2002, Twentieth Century Fox released the DVD/Video, which has now sold over 300,000 units. The film was re-released by Wolfe Video in 2014. Sordid Lives: The Series, a 12-episode TV series prequel to the Sordid Lives film, premiered on MTV’s LOGO network in 2008.

“Not a day goes by where someone doesn’t write me asking me for more Sordid Lives. So many of my LGBTQ fans, of all ages, have come out to their folks by showing them Sordid Lives because the humor helped them share their own story,” explains writer, director and producer Del Shores. “I am excited to bring my characters up to July 2015 where they are hit with the reality of Texas having full equality. I wanted to contrast affirming churches and organizations like Faith In America with the hypocritical bigotry that is still being spewed from pulpits represented by the ‘Anti-Equality Rally’ in the film.”

“With the victory of marriage equality and the resulting backlash disguised as ‘religious freedom’ bills, our film exploring the impact of religious bigotry couldn’t come at a more timely moment in our history,” continues producer and star Emerson Collins. “Hard-fought LGBTQ rights won over the past eight years now hang in the balance with the new presidential administration and conservative state legislatures across the country preparing to target the LGBTQ community.”

As the original film dealt with coming out in a conservative Southern world, A Very Sordid Wedding explores the questions, bigotry and the fallout of what happens when gay marriage comes to communities and families that are not quite ready to accept it. Bigoted “religious freedom,” marriage equality and cultural acceptance are all explored with Del Shores’ trademark approach to using comedy and his much beloved Sordid Lives characters to deal with these important current social issues and the very real process of accepting your family for who they are instead of who you want them to be.


It’s 2015, seventeen years after Peggy tripped over G.W.’s wooden legs and died in Sordid Lives, and life has moved into the present for the residents of Winters, Texas. Sissy Hickey (Dale Dickey) is reading the Bible, cover to cover, trying to make some kind of sense out of what it really says about gay people. Her niece Latrelle Williamson (Bonnie Bedelia) has divorced her husband Wilson (Michael MacRae) who has taken up with a hot young gold digger. Latrelle’s now out and proud gay son Ty (Kirk Geiger) is on his way back to town with his black man and news of their own. Her sister LaVonda (Ann Walker) is still cussin’ and drankin’ and is being blackmailed to sit with the sick and afflicted. LaVonda’s best friend Noleta (Caroline Rhea) meets a hot younger man while visiting her awful mama in the hospital. G.W. (David Steen), sporting new fiberglass legs after Noleta burned his old ones, is still feeling guilty and mourning Peggy. Nearly incoherent barfly Juanita (Sarah Hunley) has moved from her obsession with Vacation Bible School roosters to the royal family while Wardell (Newell Alexander) and Odell (David Cowgill) still bicker at the bar. Tammy Wynette champion Brother Boy (Leslie Jordan) hasn’t been back to Winters since Peggy’s funeral, and he’s working at a tragic little gay bar in Longview, having added Loretta and Dolly to his new medley act “We Three Queens of Oper-y Are” till a chance meeting with a dangerous criminal forces him out on the run. As the sordid saga continues, an anniversary memorial service is being planned in honor of Peggy at Bubba’s Bar while the Southside Baptist Church is planning an “Anti-Equality Rally” to protest the advancement of same-sex marriage, spearheaded by Vera Lisso (Lorna Scott) and Mrs. Barnes (Sharon Garrison). Both events are to take place on the same night, so the cast of colorful characters are all on a collision course for shenanigans and fireworks, and a surprise wedding!


About DEL SHORES – Writer/Director/Producer

Shores has written, directed and produced for film, network and cable television, and theatre. His most recent film, a hybrid adaptation of his GLAAD Award-winning play Southern Baptist Sissies, won fifteen film festival awards including eight Audience Awards and is available on all platforms. His film, Blues For Willadean, is an adaptation of his NAACP Award-winning play The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife starring Beth Grant, Dale Dickey and Academy Award-winner Octavia Spencer. A film adaptation of his play Daddy’s Dyin’ (Who’s Got The Will?) was released by MGM and Propaganda Films. Shores wrote and directed the film version of his play Sordid Lives starring Beau Bridges, Delta Burke, Olivia Newton-John, Bonnie Bedelia, Leslie Jordan and Beth Grant with many of the actors from the original stage cast. Sordid Lives: The Series, a television series prequel to the film, premiered on Viacom’s LOGO network in 2008, and Shores created, wrote, directed and executive produced all 12 episodes. Shores’ seven plays have run for over six years collectively in Los Angeles where they all premiered and won numerous awards from GLAAD, the NAACP, the LA Drama Critic’s Circle, LA Stage Alliance, LA Weekly and Backstage.


Beard Collins Shores Productions presents


In association with Buffalo Gal Pictures

Supporting sponsor: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Written and directed by Del Shores

Produced by Emerson Collins, Del Shores

Executive Producers: Louise H. Beard, Phyllis Laing, Jeff Beesley, Camelot Theatres, Rozene & Ric Supple

Co-Producers: Donna Mathewson, Anthony Gore, Stuart Howell Bell, Carl Foster Miller & Karl H. Christianson, Craig & Scott Caulfield-Seidner

Director of Photography: Paul Suderman

Production Designer: Chad Giesbrecht

Editor: Donna Matthewson

Costume Designer: Sandy Soke
Music by Joe Patrick Ward

Total running time: 109 minutes


Official Website: http://www.averysordidwedding.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/averysordidwedding/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sordidwedding

Homosurrealism Art Exhibit to Show in New Orleans June 23, 2017.

ATTENTION ART LOVERS:  THE HOMOSURREALISM ART MOVEMENT TO EXHIBIT IN NEW ORLEANS JUNE 23, 2017. The Exhibit will be held at the Napoleon’s Itch -BSE Green Rom of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel from 9pm-midnight.  We hope to see everyone there!

Gay Dating App, Guy Spy, Finds New Home

 Pink Triangle Press has acquired GuySpy, an online social network for gay men, in a deal announced today. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.
The acquisition brings together under one company, GuySpy and the leading gay hookup website, Squirt.org, allowing gay men to sign up for free, browse from millions of profiles and connect with other gay men in their communities.
“We are very excited to add GuySpy to our family of notable properties engaging the gay community” said David Walberg, Digital Media Chief Executive for Pink Triangle Press. “This acquisition is part of our long-term goal to have greater exposure for Pink Triangle Press and to further grow and expand into an entirely new segment through the GuySpy social network and mobile app”.
GuySpy is a popular online social network for men who like men that allows users to search for men by distance, age, personal stats, sexual positions and more. Users can upload photos, add a personal voice greeting and keep their guys organized through buddy and favorite lists and switch to Travel Mode to see men wherever they go.
The GuySpy mobile dating app makes it easier for guys to connect on their smartphones or tablets, and allows users to view profiles, “like” photos and other postings, send text, video and voice messages as well as the ability to find each other with a GPS-enabled map.
“The app gives users the ability to connect faster and browse through a huge array of profiles of guys seeking to meet, date and connect” Walberg said. “As we continue to update the app it will allow GuySpy to expand into new markets and connect new users like never before with the latest mobile technology from iPhone and Android.”
About GuySpy:
GuySpy, operated by Pink Triangle Press, is a location-based gay dating and chat product that combines the intimacy of voice, video and photos with the immediacy of location. GuySpy is available for iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, mobile web and web. For more information, visit www.guyspy.com, www.twitter.com/guyspyapp or https://www.facebook.com/guyspy.gay.dating.apps.

VIP to Show at New Orleans Fashion Week

VIP Media Group and SHOP by VIP with designs from Rick Lara is thrilled announce our upcoming Runway Collection to show at New Orleans Fashion Week.  The show will be held on March 23, 2017, at the Civic Theatre. Both Rick and VIP are excited to show our new collection of custom tees, casual wear, and sportswear to be available on SHOPbyVIP.com immediately after the show.  

For More Details visit myVIPmag.us or NewOrleansFashionWeek.com.  Get your Tickets Today!

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