Rock Star Artist Chef Brandon Green

VIP Magazine kicks off its Rock Start Artist Series with Chef Brandon Green of Heads and Tails Seafood & Oyster Bar.

VIP Magazine is very excited to begin our Rock Star Artist Series which will feature community artists displaying their talents in the fields of art, music, food, beverage, design, and more.  VIP loves the Arts so each month we hope to bring you some amazing people and businesses that are bringing their talents to our community.

VIP begins its series with Chef Brandon Green of Heads and Tails Seafood & Oyster Bar in Harahan, right outside of New Orleans.  If you haven’t heard of, much less ventured your way to Heads and Tails…believe us when we tell you that the small drive is definitely worth the trip and Chef Brandon will not disappoint.  Here is the article which is featured in the Aug/Sept 2017 Southern Decadence Issue of VIP Magazine.   To Subscribe to VIP Magazine Click Here

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Homosurrealism Art Exhibit to Show in New Orleans June 23, 2017.

ATTENTION ART LOVERS:  THE HOMOSURREALISM ART MOVEMENT TO EXHIBIT IN NEW ORLEANS JUNE 23, 2017. The Exhibit will be held at the Napoleon’s Itch -BSE Green Rom of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel from 9pm-midnight.  We hope to see everyone there!

VIP Announces efforts to Raise Funds for Victims of Same Sex Partner Abuse


(December 8, 2016 |New Orleans, LA) VIP Magazine of New Orleans announced today that it would begin fundraising efforts to support the Stop SSPA (Same Sex Partner Abuse) Empowerment Fund. The newly created and developing empowerment fund’s mission is to increase the awareness of intimate partner violence (IPV) in the LGBTQ community, provide educational resources to help stop abuse, and create legal funding and support to empower victims to hold abusers accountable for their actions through civil litigation.

VIP Magazine is proud to support organizations and interests that can make profound improvements to the quality of life for members of the LGBTQ community, said Rick Lara, VIP Magazine Publisher, “and I understand the enormous and lasting impact IPV has on victims and how this silent epidemic in the gay community needs to be addressed and stopped.”

The Fund was created in partnership with VIP Magazine through VIP Media Group, LLC. Fundraising is underway via a campaign on GO FUND ME (,, and Donations can be made on any of the previously mentioned websites. VIP Magazine plans to announce it’s first fundraising event in support of SSPA in the next couple weeks. “There’s an inherent cultural bias when it comes to same sex violence, but violence in relationships is about power and control and that doesn’t change simply because it’s a same sex relationship,” said Rick Lara. “That bias has lead to a silence in the LGBT Community for way to long.”

To get more information on the fund, volunteer, or become one of the legal partners, please visit or email If you have been a victim of IPV or know someone who has been victimized and would like to share your story, please VIP at BE PART OF THE CONVERSATION.

Contact: Tyler Spencer, Development Director

VIP Magazine

The Sounds of DJ Tony Moran to fill Oz Nightclub this Halloween

Another Sound of the Night from VIP Magazine New Orleans.  Don’t forget to pick up your copy of VIP Magazine this Halloween 2015.  Gay New Orleans

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VIP Celebrates National Coming Out Day!

myGayNew Orleans

Today Oct 11th is National Coming Out Day! This is an important day to understand the struggles and celebrate the struggles of those that paved the way for the current generation and recognize that these same struggles and triumphs still exist for many today..I am proud to be a gay man in 2015 and part of the LGBT community, its supporters, and Publisher of VIP Magazine. I encourage everyone to provide as much support to anyone who is choosing themselves today by coming out!

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Cazwell’s new video “The Biscuit” to drop Aug. 11th

The popular and entertaining Cazwell is set to drop his new video “The Biscuit” on Tuesday, August 11th.  The inspiration whose name has something to do with the popular hazing game and sure to be another provocative, high energy club hit is presented by gay social app Hornet has an Arab theme,  Middle-Eastern graphics, and costumed go-go boys in headdresses and thongs, shaking their biscuits.   Check out the teaser video at

cazwell video face

and stayed connected to for more information and all the latest on this video and much more.

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Open Relationships: What the Real Rules Need to Be

21010287_20130604170911209When people consider opening their relationship, they focus more on the benefits than the challenges. They think, “surely we should be able to do this and keep our relationship safe and secure.”

No surprise that they have this hope, given the culture we live in — a culture where we think we can have what we want, easily, without trouble or effort.

By popping a pill or slapping on a patch, we get renewed vigor and strong libido, no matter our age or physical condition. Amazon drones are poised to bring us our hearts’ desire in minutes. A few swipes on Grindr can deliver a perfectly-aligned-with-our-fantasies sex partner.

So why shouldn’t we be able to have sex with others in order to avoid monotony, and still have a satisfying, emotionally close relationship with one partner?

While people of all sexual orientations and genders consider opening their relationships, a number of factors make this an especially appealing and acceptable choice for gay men.

As a psychologist working with many gay individuals and couples, I get a lot of clients asking:

“Are there rules we can follow to open our relationship and still keep it healthy?”

In an ideal world, this might be easy. But listening to my clients’ stories over the last two decades has taught me that everything we do in life has a cost. This includes how we treat our relationships and manage sexual boundaries.

If you choose to be monogamous, you’ll have to forego other alluring partners and opportunities, while putting some effort into keeping sex between you two interesting (not necessarily such a dreary challenge).

If you open your relationship sexually, you’ll open your relationship to some risks as well. And unfortunately, the rules that many couples establish to try and avoid these risks often lead to other risks.

Here are some of the most common rules — and their frequent negative consequences:

Don’t ask, don’t tell. You each make a commitment to keep your head in the sand about what the other is doing, in order to limit getting your face rubbed in your partner’s hookups.

As much a charade as the old military policy, this rule creates a relationship where you both give the appearance of not doing something you are doing, and — icing on the insincerity cake — pretend that you don’t know your partner is fooling around.

You’re not going to get much genuineness in such a relationship. Nor will you know each other deeply, which will put a ceiling over how intimate the two of you can be. Instead, you’re likely to get a brittle relationship that lacks depth and is all about appearance.

Agreements to limit what each of you does sexually with others. The aim here is avoid feelings of betrayal and keep some things sacred to the couple.

Many of us have a difficult time drawing a line as the temperature rises. When you are naked and hard with a hot guy, will you remember (or want to remember) what you agreed not to do?

Agreements limiting with whom you have sex. One frequent riff on this rule is to restrict how many times you are permitted to have sex with the same outside person. The risk, of course, is that you’ll get attached to, perhaps fall in love with someone else through repeated encounters. Mutual friends and former romantic partners are also often off-limits.

If you’re having great sex with another guy you’re strongly attracted to, are you likely to call it off because it’s bad for your primary relationship? Or are you likely to keep going, and keep your rendezvous a secret?

You can easily find yourself in dangerous territory, in terms both of lying to your partner and having a full-blown affair. This combination is often a knockout punch to a committed relationship.

Only having sex with others when you are together. A popular choice for couples who want to open their relationship while avoiding the risks of secret-keeping. The complaint I hear most often from couples who go down this road: one or the other feels neglected — by the third person, by the partner or by both.

The guy getting less attention may feel bad about himself and jealous of his partner, while the guy getting more attention may feel bad about his partner being neglected and upset. Alas, not a recipe for no-strings fun, this rule is likely to create sour feelings and bitterness.

Much as we might like to believe otherwise, relationships are not unbreakable. They’re fragile, easily damaged by jealousy, dishonesty and betrayal. Sometimes the damage can be repaired, but a steady stream of behaviors that erode the warm feelings and connection between two people will take a toll.

This is why I tell couples who are considering opening things up: If you value your relationship, proceed with caution.

As for the rules that work best for a healthy relationship?

My answer is simple.

If you want a strong relationship: respect your partner, and respect your relationship.

Is there a way to do so and still have an open relationship? The challenge is yours.

Jason Dottley chats with VIP Magazine before his LIVE show in New Orleans TONIGHT!

Jason Dottley Live in New Orleans in “Life on the Gay-List”

Jason Dottley’s next tour stop for his new one man show, “Life on the Gay-List” will be July 24, 2015 at The All Ways Theatre & Lounge located at 2240 Saint Claude Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117. Doors will open at 9pm. Show starts at 10pm. VIP Celebrity Meet & Greet directly after the show. General Admission and VIP tickets can be purchased at and, or by calling 1-800-504-4849. Adult Content. No one under 18. Running time 1 hour.

Dottley has been recognized by The Boston Globe as the entertainment comedy pick of the week, Dallas Voice Best Bet, and has a featured interview in EDGE Magazine nationwide for his new show, “Life on the Gay-List”. In his new one man show, Dottley dishes about all the sordid details that he should not be sharing. “The poster boy for gay marriage” turned “public face of gay divorce” is shamelessly NSFW on dating when you’re over 30, divorced and gay, mis-sexting Lance Bass and other celebrity misadventures, heartbreak and 21-year-olds, lessons learned from Delta Burke, that time he kissed Perez Hilton, accidental watersports, and every regrettable decision in between.

See Jason’s featured interview with VIP Magazine right before his Live Show at the All Ways Lounge!Jason Dottley Live in New Orleans with VIP Magazine

To purchase tickets for the New Orleans show, visit or or call 1-800-504-4849. Advanced tickets are encouraged, but not necessary. Tickets may be available at the door.


“RuPaul’s” All Stars Drag Race” to Return for a Second Season.


Ending years of fan speculation, and hot off the heels of the franchise’s well-deserved, first Emmy nomination last week, Logo today announced “RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race” will return for a second season, packed with more eleganza and double-lashed side eye than Drag Race has ever seen. A bevy of the most talked about queens in “RuPaul’s Drag Race” herstory will return to battle it out in unforgettable, wigtastic challenges as they try to sashay their way into the “Drag Race Hall of Fame” alongside Chad Michaels, who took home the first season’s All Stars crown. The second season of “RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race” is slated to premiere following the eighth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Cast details and premiere dates will be announced at a future time.  STAY CONNECTED TO VIP FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT.

“They arrive as drag artists. They leave as international stars,” said Executive Producer, RuPaul. “The chance to bring back the best of the best for a new season of ‘All Stars’ is a dream come true for me and their legions of fans around the world.”




“On the heels of Drag Race’s seventh season, one of the most buzzworthy and highly-watched seasons to date, our fans have spoken and they want more drama, more queens and more Ru,” said Pamela Post, Head of Original Programming, Logo. “From revisiting old favorites in RuVealed and All Stars, to meeting the new stars of season eight, the Drag Race party on Logo will be bigger and better than ever before.”

Summer Sizzles with Premiere of “RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 4 RuVealed” Friday, July 31 at 8:00 p.m. on Logo

Can’t wait for season eight?  Don’t sweat it! Fans won’t have to wait long for all new Ru. “RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 4 RuVealed” premieres with a special, 90-minute episode on Friday, July 31, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, featuring a never-before-seen look into the unforgettable fourth season of the franchise with fresh reads and enough shade to get fans through the summer heat. Each week, relive this cherished season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” with added, behind-the-scenes commentary and insider trivia from RuPaul on your favorite queens including Latrice Royale, Jiggly Caliente, Chad Michaels and season champion, Sharon Needles.

For more information on “RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race” and sneak preview clips, go to  To stay up to date on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” news and exclusives, join the “RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Facebook pages and follow the #DragRace conversation along on Twitter at @RuPaulsDragRace. For even more #DragRace, check out live gifs from the show on Tumblr and additional content on the show’s Instagram page.


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