Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to the victims of Same-Sex Partner Abuse.  The VIP Empowerment Fund helps  victims of SSPA access the funds resources for education, separation, shelter, and legal services that is desperately needed in our community.  Victims should NEVER feel like they are alone and abusers need to know that there can be civil monetary consequences for their actions.  

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Together in Support




Your Support is Appreciated.  Donate Now.

$1,000 SSPA Fund Donation [wp_cart_button name=”$1,000 SSPA Donation” price=”1000.00″]

Victims can seek damages from abusers.

Justice for Victims

$500 SSPA Fund Donation [wp_cart_button name=”$500 SSPA Fund Donation” price=”500.00″]
$100 SSPA Fund Donation [wp_cart_button name=”$100 SSPA Fund Donation” price=”100.00″]

Fight the Shame

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$40 SSPA Fund Donation [wp_cart_button name=”$40 SSPA Fund Donation” price=”40.00″]

Even the smallest donation helps! 

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Thank you for helping victims of violence in our community. To visit our online store and shop merchandise that helps the SSPA fund, click

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