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“I want this magazine to be a real voice and reflection of not only the New Orleans LGBT community, but our community as a whole.  We have a tremendous array of voices and talents as a Community, and we deserve a magazine that reflects everyones interests and style.”Rick Lara, Publisher

VIP Magazine was developed, created, and published with the vision and dream of giving back to the LGBT Community and those that support the LGBT Community.  Our mission is and has always been to provide a venue that will showcase the tremendous array of talented people in our community and be a resource for lifestyle stories, fashion, art, nightlife, and entertainment that represents more than just the opinions of the New Orleans historic few. VIP strives to give a voice to everyone in our community and to provide a sophisticated, full color, premier source for business and business owners in and around our community that support our community.  At VIP, we think, act, and live by three codes: Diversity, Inclusion, and Acceptance. These principles are the backbone of our company, and we are very proud of that. We thank and love our readers and advertisers because without you, we’d be nothing.  Like all businesses, VIP has gone through challenges and changes in the past 3 years, but VIP has and will continue to support and be part of this community for many years to come.  

In fact, VIP is VERY excited for 2017.  We know that it could be our BIGGEST year to date.  We have a AMAZING year planned starting with the Premier Issue for 2017, the introduction of the NEW lagniappe (free) edition of the magazine, and an incredibly needed charitable fund, the SSPA Fund (myvipmag.us/ssfa-fund), that will focus on providing resources and assistance for victims of same sex parter abuse.   We look forward to bringing you along in our journey and thank you for your support.

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